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Sunday, April 1, 2012


SO yesterday we finally went to Yuzu (236 Adelaide Street West) for dinner. Sheng has been telling me about this place ever since he had it for lunch at work which has been about 2 years ago. He's been saying its the of the best sushi he ever had, and finally i got to try it. I really never thought sushi can taste any different, its really just raw fish and rice right? We tend to eat dinner pretty early so it was somewhat emptier than what you would expect.

The menu was more so on the expensive side, set dinner and bento box were 20$+

Green River Roll - eel & avocado - $10
This was pretty good! Unlike the usual pre-package eel you would expect at other japanese restaurant, the eel here taste like they made it from scratch, juicy & tender!

We ordered the sashimi regular - 25$ - comes with soup, salad & rice
Usually at other restaurants you would expect the "traditional" chef choice, so we were surprise at the variety. Not sure which type of fish in the bottom right but it was amazing, especially because they paired it with a special hot sauce.

Dynamite roll - 10$
This was just traditional dynamite roll, it was good but not anything special. For the price, its not too bad.

Overall I would definitely recommend this place. I would say this was one of the best sushi I've ever had. The stuff is fresh and taste original unlike the usual "canned food" taste from other restaurants. Their menu is very traditional, you won't find any special rolls here but its a taste you won't get anywhere else.

Yuzu is definitely on the pricy side, we spent around 50$ for 2 people and we were full when leaving. The portion is small but worth saving money for!

Compare to Japango, I would prefer to eat here.

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