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Monday, April 9, 2012

Absolute Bakery & Cafe in Cabbagetown

Absolute Bakery is located at 589 Parliament St just south of Wellesley.

Was just walking up Parliament when i saw loads of delicious looking goods and i just had to get some!

I always thought these small bakeries would be priced higher than grocery stores but I was wrong. For 2$ you can get a loaf of white bread & 3$ for egg bread. Why buy a loaf of bread that's been sitting on a shelf for days while you can get a fresh one here!

Didn't come out with a loaf of bread but got these:
Palmier ($1.80) & chocolate croissant ($1.50)

The Palmier was less sweet than ones you would find in stores which I was happy with!
The chocolate croissant was delicious!! It was PACKED with chocolate! & it wasn't too sweet that you would be dying for water after finishing it.

The only downside to Absolute Bakery is... why are you so far away!! if it was located closer then i would be here all the time.

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