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Monday, April 16, 2012

BibimQ - a nice tiny korean restaurant on Yonge

Tucked up in a corner on Yonge st is this little korean restaurant BiBimQ (597 Yonge St). This is not what you expect in a typical restaurants as its more like fast-food style yet includes a touch of at home feel. I love this place because its run by a friendly couple. The white gentleman behind the cashier is the husband while his korean wife cooks in the back. Super nice & great service, the husband came over with a cup of water when he saw we were sharing one cup.

Since the first time I came here 5 years ago, the prices have increased quite a bit. Compared to other korean restaurants, expect to pay around 8-10$ per item.

Usually I would come here for their Dolsot Bibimbap, but I did not want to pay $8.95 ($1 extra for the dolsot) so I went for the Kimchi fried rice. Still an usual dish I get from here.

Kimchi Fried Rice ($7.95)
This would probably be one of my favorite kimchi fried rice, they give you a lot and the best part is the egg on top.

Combo Platter ($7.95)
It was late at night and they ran out of food so they gave us only chicken & a lot of rice, but usually you would get 3 choices. This is a pretty good deal, taste good but would have been better if it was still hot.

Before coming here, I would warn you that not all the items on the menu are superb. You might end up feeling ripped from the high price and low quantity so I would tell you to stick with the usual dishes.

My usual items would be the dolsot bibimbap, kimchi fried rice, and combo platters.

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