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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Korea House @Koreatown

It's long weekend! YAY what better way to celebrate than to eat out hahaha After 3 months we finished our jar of Gochujang, so we have to go to PAT mart in koreatown to buy a new jar, this time we bought a HUGE one lol. Since the usual koran restaurant we go to closed down, we've been trying to find a good place to eat. Today we tried out Korean House @ 666 Bloor St west.
This was an extensive menu, It was hard to decide what to eat. It's more on the $ end of korean food. Usually would find Kamjatang for $6 while here is around 9$. They have combos with noodles + side dish (like bulgogi/ribs) ranging from 10-15$, which is a good option.

Here's the menu of the table cooking. Many unique options you wont get anywhere else.

Kimchi Jungol with pork belly - 26.99$ (This was a during eating picture since I forgot to take picture...)

This was not bad but personally I'm not a big fan of kimchi stew, so I would probably not eat this again. But I would defintely come back to try their Gingseng Chicken stew for 10$.

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