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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

if i become obese, its bc of cupcakes

you just don't understand how much i LOVE cupcakes!

This addiction really started when I was still living in Calgary. There was a huge cupcake phase when "Crave" opened. Never had a thing for store-bought cupcakes since they were usually too sweet & hard, so I was skeptical about paying 4$ for one.

If I knew this addiction was going to start, I would have never ate one... these cupcakes were just divine!! Super soft unlike any cake I've ever tried.
I'm never a big fan of the icing, usually I just scrape off half of it off. What I crave is the cake part.

I was pretty sad when i got to Toronto 5 years ago and found out there was no place to go just for cupcakes (at least not downtown).

After then, I always associate Calgary with cupcakes. Last time when i visited Calgary, I literally had 2 cupcakes a week. That's pretty intense seeing how these bakery cupcakes contains 600 calories & almost half of the daily recommended saturated-fat. If I stayed for any longer, I think I would have got diabetes.

Out of the 3 major cupcake stores (Crave, Buttercream & BlissCo), I prefer Bliss&Co the best.
This was taken in Calgary at Chinook Centre. They were serving up tiramisu flavor, tasted like coffee cake with cream cheese filling. It taste better than it sounds, the cake was super soft, it wasn't too sweet & the icing was light.

I prefer Bliss&Co because it's the least sweet out of the 3. The icing at Crave & buttercream seems to be harder I think because they put more sugar into it.

When I got back to Toronto, I found out there was a new cupcake place located downtown!
Prairie Girl Cupcakes! One cupcake is $2.95, Mini size $1.75. This is cheaper than Calgary price, which I find 3$ to be more reasonable. If you've never tried this, then you're missing out.

They have 2 location, 18 King Street East & 100 King Street West. Located in the Financial District and only few minutes away from each other. Both of the locations are usually pretty pack, go to the 18 King St since its a bigger store they would less likely run out of flavors.

Me with Pistachio cupcake. You don't know how happy I was. I've been wanting to try pistachio cupcake for a long time and this first time i went to prairie girl, they had it on special. This was fate :)! (that I'll become fat)

Surprising I've not been as often as expected, which is good but I've yet to try the Red Velvet + Cream cheese icing from there.

Prairie Girl Bakery on Urbanspoon Praire Girl on Urbanspoon

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