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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To-ne Sushi - Queen West

I just loveeee sushi! I would never turned down sushi if anyone ever suggest it (not ayce tho!). So, this is how I had To-Ne for 2 days in a roll...

I found To-ne sushi (414 Queen St. West, just little west of spadina) on urbanspoon with 93% LIKE from 300 people!! Even though urbanspoon is not exactly most accurate, with 300 reviews & remain that high... there has to be a reason!

To-ne Sushi on Urbanspoon

First day, I went on a friday night with my beloved friend visiting me from Ottawa. When I got there, most of the tables were fulled, but not to a point where anyone needs to wait.

They not only have traditional rolls but some speciality ones. I like trying new flavors so I would definitely happy to see that!
The rolls are reasonably priced from $7 to 14$. However, the sashimi combos are a little bit pricy (didn't take a pic) but there was limited variety from 12$ to 20+$

They give you a small complimentary bowl of noodles which was a nice touch. (no pic)

Left: Sky Dome Roll ($9.50) - Shrimp tempura, Avocado, Japanese Squash, Radish, Cucumber & Masago.
This was pretty good, there was white picked radish in it so it was a little sour. Good to get your appetite going or for people who sour foods.

Right: Caterpillar Roll ($7.95) - Avocado on Unagi Roll
I really liked this. They don't skimp on the ingredients, the rice layer is very thin so you can taste more of the meat than just stuffing your face with rice! The best thing was they put a lot of avocado in, which is MAD LOVE!

The next day I went back to To-Ne with another group of friends
Blue Ocean Roll ($7.95) - Avocado, Green Onion, Tobiko on __ roll with spicy sauce.
This was awesome! Sheng keeps stealing mine, definitely suggest everyone to try!

Along with their rolls they include a spicy sauce, teriyaki sauce & mayo on the plate. Tasted great with all the rolls, it was so good that you don't need wasabi anymore, just eat the sauce!

sushi combo ($16) comes with salad, soup & rice
- the variety of fish was decent. I liked how they had butterfish! It was pretty fresh. I liked how they seared the white tuna & combined it with jalapeno.

For dessert, they give you complimentary orange but they only gave us 1 orange split in halves for the 6 of us. Not complaining since its free.
& when the bill came they also gave guava candy, YUMS!

Overall, the two visit was both a positive one. I would come here again for their rolls, its super worth it even for the walk!

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