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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Khao San Road @ Entertainment District

Most of you have probably been here already. We've have been meaning to try this place for a year now and haven't until now. Sheng loves Thai food because his family is half thai (not really) and we've been hearing rave reviews about Khan San Road.

Khan San Road is located at 326 Adelaide Street West, it is really close to the Scotiabank theatre so definetely a great spot to bring a date for dinner & movie. This is actually their second location, the parent restaurant is called Sukhothai located at 274 Parliament St.

We went there on a friday night after work, it was somewhat pack. The wait-time was 30 minutes. We put down our names and went for a walk. (ignore my NO photography skills)

The place is actually pretty small can fit around 40-60 people? There's also a little "row-seating" patio outside if you enjoy the fresh air.

Their mains are either curry or noodles.
At first glance it was a little difficult to navigate, until you find the English part.

Po Pia Pak Sod Gai Yaw / Fresh Rolls ($7)

I really like fresh rolls like the ones you get from viet restaurants and this one tasted similar. I would recommend it if you like fresh rolls but its definitely nothing special.

Garlic Tofu ($9)

This is pretty unique I would recommend you to try it. Sheng liked the dipping sauce because it reminds him of Thailand because they dip a lot of things in that sauce. BUT I got to warn you ahead of time, you will get SUPER thirsty afterwards and stinky breathe. It is GARLIC + being deep fried.

Chef's Special Pad Thai (Sam Roas) ($13) with Chicken

It tasted pretty good, the noodles were a bit chewy just the way I like it. However, it was salty! Don't exactly know if the saltiness was on purpose or not...
Compare to Salad King, I think I like the pad thai at Salad King.

This was all we got because we weren't hungry at all and we still managed to have left-overs. Our stomachs are really small...

Personally I would not come back to this one again. Maybe because everyone else hipped it up so much that I was a bit more disappointed. Other people told me it's actually their curry that is good, so maybe I would suggest people to try that out.
Despite this I would probably go to their parent location to give that one a try.

In the end, I give this one a 7/10.

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